Would you like to experience less stress, more balance, improve your general health and overall wellbeing?

Welcome to Love Yoga Tree with Natalie

Yoga and meditation has the ability to both heal and particularly prevent poor health, illness and stress by helping people reconnect with their body, mind, emotions and energy.

Love Yoga Tree with Natalie is available Live Online, On Demand and at Dartmoor Reach Yoga Studio, Bovey Tracey.

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“I have worked closely with hundreds of students and clients from all over the world, helping them to start or navigate parts of their healing journey in a safe, highly supportive and personal space both online and in person.

I aim to make yoga and meditation accessible, enjoyable, fun and rewarding through my classes, workshops and retreats to enable you to experience personal transformation and assist in your path to wholeness.”

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My job is to enable others to heal themselves. I am committed to making people feel better within themselves.  I believe this is my life purpose.