Meditation has been around for a long time. Thankfully, we are now entering an age where we are not only still using these ancient practices, but we celebrate them as they are being used as a healing therapy to our busy and often stressful lives.

Practising meditation on a regular basis brings limitless benefits. It can help alleviate anxiety, depression and even insomnia. It can reduce stress and make you feel calmer. While it doesn’t eliminate problems in your life, it gives you the tools you need to help you deal with life’s obstacles and challenges.

Your ability to sit quietly and learn how to access a deep level of rest, allows your brain to release “feel good” hormones into your system including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.

Meditation practice can help healing on a physical, mental and emotional level which will lead to much improved physical health, emotion and mental wellness as well as creating a stronger connection to your intuition and spirit.

In this modern world of speed, on demand, social media and “doing” all the time, where somehow busyness has become a badge of honour at the detriment of your inner peace and wellbeing, meditation has never been more needed.


Monthly Guided Meditation

First Friday of Every Month at 5pm – 6pm

£9 drop in (you can also use your yoga class package for these sessions)

Each month, Natalie guides you on a meditative journey that will help you deeply relax and connect with your soul.  Each month is a different meditation.  Examples of meditations include – Connecting with Your Higher Self,  Letting go,  Full Moon,  Four Elements,  Healing Your Heart,  Yoga Nidra,  Energy Meditation and lots more.  Natalie likes to connect with the seasons, the moon cycles and what she is intuitively guided to offer.

You are welcome to relax by the log fire in the studio or join from the comfort of your own home via the link below.  This session requires no participation, fancy clothes or sitting for long periods of time.  You lie down, get comfortable and warm and open yourself to recieve!

For more information on each month’s offering, go to the Events page or to join online click below for the Zoom invite –

Join here –

Beginners Meditation Course 

Thursdays 6pm – 7pm 

STARTS Thursday 1st February 2024

5 weeks /  £60


Fridays 10am -11.30am

STARTS Friday 7th June 2024

5 weeks / £60

Natalie has had a daily meditation practice since she qualified as a Reiki practitioner over 20 years ago.  Her practice has evolved over time and has been a personal and deeply spiritual practice and journey.  She shares this knowledge and experience in her 5 week Beginners Meditation Course for anyone who would like to learn about meditation and incorporate a meditation pracitce into their daily lives.

During the course, you will learn a variety of different meditation techniques.   Each week you will explore and practice each technique and be given home practice.  You will also be supported throughout the course via your group’s private Whatsapp group and Natalie’s You Tube videos.


Client Testimonials

“I came onto this course with the hope to learn how to meditate.  I came away with that and so much more.  Natalie is a wonderfully caring teacher and delivers her content with ease and openess.  I thoroughly enjoyed her course and I now have a regular meditation practice.”  Tony

“This course has helped clear and process deep trauma and completely changed my outlook and life.  I am so gratefuly to Natalie who made me feel comfortable and welcome from the very start.  She has the natural ability to hold a space with gentle love and a sense of sacredness, at the same time as maintaining a sense of humour and fun.”  Judy

“I loved this course!  Beautifully delivered by the special soul that is Natalie.  Her inner light shines bright.  She is a true inspiration and I can honestly say that this course has brought me to meditation in a way nothing else I have tried ever has.”  Melanie

I believe we all have the power within us to heal ourselves but to do this, we must first quiet and calm the mind.

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