Natalie is no longer teaching at Chapel House Studio in Totnes, Devon.  All of her classes are now held at her beautiful, spacious yoga studio at Dartmoor Reach Alpaca Farm in Bovey Tracey.  Natalie offers a monthly schedule of different classes, workshops, live streams and events.  Please see the Yoga at Dartmoor Reach page for her monthly schedule.

Yin yoga is a gentle, passive style where all postures are done on the mat (no standing). The emphasis is on breath awareness and stillness while poses are held for 3 -4 minutes. This restorative and meditative style of yoga is based on Chinese Meridian Theory and works deeply on every level. Regular Yin practice will help you sleep better, give you more energy, relieve muscular tension and joint pain, create a deeper awareness of your body, calm your mind, relax your body and will enable you to become more mindful.

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of practice and sometimes referred to as Power Yoga. Regular practice will build strength and stamina in your body and mind, improve your postural alignment , stretch and tone your muscles, increase organ circulation and get you fit. Natalie teaches this active flow class in a gentle way, encouraging students only to do what feels good for their bodies and to explore and honour their limitations.

Menopause Monthly is a gentle, healing class of yoga and meditation for anyone who is experiencing the varied symptoms of menopause and perimenopause which can include hot flushes, brain fog, lethargy, sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety, emotional upset and discomfort.  Natalie holds a relaxed and safe space for you to slow down and let yourself be nourished and nurtured.  Natalie creates classes that will help you explore tools and techniques that can help you navigate your wary through this change in life.  A chance for you to connect with other women in the same situation, the session is always followed with tea and medicinal cake!

Guided Meditation These monthly sessions are a gentle way to quiet your mind and be guided through a mindful meditation.  Whether you are looking to incorporate a regular meditation to your schedule, want to create calm in the chaos of life or just want to chill out on your mat surrounded by nature and alpacas, this class is relaxing, healing and like yoga for the mind.

Stretch & Release This class of movement, stillness and body awareness helps you release tension and tightness in painful, congested areas of your body.  Natalie combines her knowledge and expertise of yoga and holistic massage therapy to create a fun and relaxing class that will help you learn about your body, relieve stress through techniques such as myofascia rolling, gliding, intuitive movement and self massage.  This session will help you develop a bit more mobility and movement through your body which can improve circulation and regulate your nervous system.

Beginners Yoga This class welcomes every novice and newbie who would like to learn yoga without the often intimidating experience of joining an established class where you are surrounded by Bendy Wendys and feel that everyone really knows what they are doing!  Natalie holds a monthly beginners session for you to start your practice in a comfortable space.  Whether you are completely new to yoga or you would simply like a slower class, you are welcome to come along and learn the yoga basics of asana (posture), pranayama (breath) and postural alignment.

Masterclass These sessions are a little longer than a usual class and are for yogis who have an established practice (at whatever level) or for students who would like to improve and progress in their practice.  Masterclasses are held in a variety of styles and can help deepen your understanding of different kinds of asana,  help you progress towards a particluar posture or for those of you who simply enjoy the deeply nourishing benefits of a longer practice.

1:1 Private Yoga Session
Natalie offers you the opportunity to work individually with her, either in person or online.  Whether you would like to introduce a daily yoga routine or meditation practice into your schedule; focus on a specific problem or area in your body that needs attention; deepen and improve your practice or learn correct postural alignment, a Private Yoga Session will be created with your specific needs in mind.  Natalie will have a consultation to discover your concerns, health issues and goals and will then design tailor made sequence especially for you.  She will then record your bespoke sequence for you to keep forever.
The investment of £75 for this service includes a consultation, 75 minute yoga session and a video of your personal practice.

Yoga for Small Groups
Natalie offers a private yoga service for a variety of businesses in both the workplace and online.   Parties are also catered for.  Please contact Natalie directly via email or call her on 0751620246 to discuss your specific needs.



Investment Options

Vinyasa, Yin & Beginner Classes     In Studio £9           Class Pack of 10 £80

Masterclass     £15

Menopause Monthly     £15

Workshops     £35


Cancellation Policy

All workshops, masterclasses and monthly menopause classes have to be booked and pre-paid in advance.  All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The yoga class packs of 10 are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Yoga classes are drop in but if you want to reserve your space, please book in with Natalie. 


Parking for classes and events is provided for yoga attendees outside the big barn on the right (passed the pigs and the bees!)  Parking here is for yoga students only so please park bumper to bumper, side by side - you will not get blocked in!   Dartmoor Reach is a working farm and access to the track is needed at all times.  Josh and Natalie would like to thank you for your understanding and co=operation.


How to pay

You can pay with PAYPAL click here  or with Bacs   Natalie Austin    Sort Code 30-98-69     Account 42965560

Natalie welcomes every one of her students personally, listening attentively to their health and personal issues.  This has a wonderfully welcoming affect – I felt instantly comfortable and relaxed in her class despite knowing no-one.  Natalie has a natural  gift in bringing together groups of people in a gently and inobtrusive way.  As a result, yoga friendships unfold and there is a beautiful sense of community and belonging

Gillian, Devon

I am so grateful to Natalie’s classes over the last year. It is rare to find a yoga teacher that works for you, like finding a friend or a partner and I am so grateful.

Sydney, South Africa

Attending Natalie’s yoga classes always changes my perspective into a more hopeful and calm one.

Liz, Devon